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How To Get World Cup Tickets (Russia 2018)

This guide is for those fans looking for tickets to the upcoming FIFA World cup in Russia starting in June 2018. Whilst Russia might not be a destination for many tourists, the country will be expecting hundreds of thousands of football fans from around the world. Russia is a nation that love football and are a passionate crowd when their national team is involved. We at Fan Seats have access and availability for all match tickets in the tournament.

Number System

Each game in the tournament is given a match number, starting from the opening ceremony in Moscow at 1 to finishing with the final being match 64.

Ticket Schedule



This article will be updated the closer to the kick off of the world cup but for now it is expecting the tournament to sell all tickets, including VIP and hospitality packages.

Random Selection Draw

The idea is that all fans have an equal chance of getting tickets to their selected matches. With this the user applies for tickets using the FIFA website ticket, link here.

  1. Create Account

The first step in getting tickets for the world cup is to create a FIFA account. If you have ever been to a world cup before then chances are you will still have your account details. THe idea is that the profile contains all your address and contact details. For every lead member who wants to apply for tickets then the main requirement is to get an account.

2. Choose Matches.

The draw for the World Cup was completed and now the fixtures have been released, with this fans can now apply for the exact matches they want to attend. Remember that you will be billed for all the tickets that you are successful in getting. With this order the match tickets you are sure to be able to budget for.

3. Wait for results.

The results of the draw will be made in 2018 and you will be made aware of the tickets you win via email. After logging into your account you will see the exact results and which tickets you will win. Remember to inform your bank that there is a possibility of a foreign transaction being requested. If your bank declines the transaction then FIFA will cancel your application and you will be unsuccessful in getting the tickets.

First Come First Serve

This stage of the ticketing selection is exactly how it refers to, tickets will be made available at a set time and date , mid March and people will log on and buy tickets. For the in demand matches then these will sell out quickly so be prepared for their to be an online queue when visiting

Key Group Games

These are the matches we expect tickets to be in most demand, as with any sporting event it is difficult to predict the prices on the secondary ticket market.


Brazil v Switzerland

Argentina v Croatia

England v Belgium

England v Belgium

Last Minute Sales

Tickets will be made available for most of the matches during the lead up to the game and therefore we would advise you wait for as long as possible before purchase.

Our Dedicated World Cup Ticket Page. 

We will be creating a dedicated ticket and information for the FIFA Russia World Cup for fans from around the world. Please contact us if you want us to give you further advice on where to get tickets.